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For more than 24 years I have helped my one-on-one clients achieve a healthier lifestyle though holistic health coaching and better nutrition. And I can do the same for you. As a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist, I can help you achieve better health by showing you some easy-to-follow ways for boosting your immunity and reducing stress.

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Health Coach & Author Steven Sonmore

Some reviews…

This program reduces stress and develops healing energy…

“This program reduces stress and develops healing energy. The guided Taoist meditation and healing music, using ancient Chinese sound principles, provides deep relaxation, even if you’ve never meditated before…”

Michael Reed Gach, PhD

An awesome guided meditation…

“Steven has put together an awesome guided meditation that has proven to relieve stress in healthy people as well as people with dementia. His voice is easy to listen to and the music is calming and not distracting. I will be using this in my practice and giving it to friends as a valued tool for healing.”

Colleen Wold Hiebeler

I’m feeling real encouraged…

I just had my first life coaching call today. It was so easy to talk with Steven. He had some good questions for me and I’m feeling real encouraged in defining and reaching my life’s goal.

Janet Felsing

Will help you slow down…

“Qi Gong Meditation brings the East to the West. This calming guided meditation will help you slow down when you most need it, giving you energy for the rest of the day. Sonmore has created a wonderful meditation here.”

Kevin Hogan

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