herbs for COVID

6 Tips To Recover From COVID at Home

If you are recovering from COVID there are some natural remedies you can use at home to recover quicker. First eat a healthy diet. Using Chinese medicine principles we look at food therapy differently. We don’t just look at the vitamins, minerals and calories of food, we consider the energy of food. In Chinese medicine … 6 Tips To Recover From COVID at Home Read More »

summer solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!

It is one day before the Solstice. It’s a great time to create a long-term better vision for yourself and humanity that you can meditate on for this Summer Solstice. Yes, there is lots of drama and chaos happening around us, but this is a unique opportunity to be self-aware of where you are putting … Happy Summer Solstice! Read More »

Telehealth TCM

Study Shows Telehealth is Environmentally Friendly

Telehealth is often marketed for its benefits to the patient and clinician, but what about its effect on the environment? One health system analyzed the impact that its connected health platform has on the world around us during the coronavirus pandemic and found that virtual care not only reduces travel to and from the doctor’s … Study Shows Telehealth is Environmentally Friendly Read More »

Telehealth Coaching

From Chaos to Wellness

Whether you are self-quarantined at home or an essential worker out in the world, you are probably experiencing a broader range of emotions than usual during this COVID-19 pandemic. Many are being overwhelmed by feelings like anxiety or frustration. Rather than focusing on our helplessness, think about the idea of focusing on things we have … From Chaos to Wellness Read More »


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