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The Gut Brain Connection: Boost Brain Power and Metabolism

What if there was one action you could take today to improve your memory, decision making, and mental clarity all without mental strain? Just imagine how this could help nurture better relationships and quality of life.

Trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi make up your microbiome. These tiny ecosystems influence your health, immune system and hormonal balance. Most people use standard Western medicine methods (shotgun strategies – using an atom bomb to kill a mosquito). However, you could as an alternative health method to cultivate your healthy body like a garden.

If the microorganisms of your body get out of balance (bacteria, fungi) they can highjack your endocrine system via the gut-brain axis. This can induce negative emotions and increase pain signaling in your nervous system.

Microorganisms within your gut can greatly influence psychological  functions such as learning, memory, and decision making. Who you are and how you feel are intimately linked to your gut microbiome.

“Microbial dysbiosis can induce psychopathology”

Sharon L. Hollins & Deborah M. Hodgson Et al.

“We are finding a very strong connection between the microbes that live in our intestines and signals that travel to the brain,” Arizona scientist Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown.

Self-cultivation begins with cultivating your microbiome internal garden. This is also the key to optimizing your brain.

To get these restored, go see an experienced herbalist/acupuncturist that understands how to identify imbalances in your respiratory, gastrointestinal and urogenital microbiomes.

Instead of a standard strategy of attacking the enemy (i.e. parasites), I can teach you how to cultivate your garden within. I can teach you breathing exercises to make your stomach happy again. Besides helping you physically, this can even improve your social life and relationships.

Mucus corresponds to the Chinese Medicine concept of “dampness” and “phlegm”. Chinese Medicine emphasizes a healthy environment of the GI tract as being equally important to digestive health as the quantity and type of microbes populating it. This often involves eliminating abnormal or excessive mucus secretions in the gut lining.

Plant based medicines can have such a wide ranging and deep effects on your body. Herbal medicine can improve your gut microbiota, correcting its dysfunction and pathological conditions.

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